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Oregon Traveling Tours is proud to support our local Willamette Valley Farms
and the Mid-Willamette Food Trail 

Leaping Lamb

Leaping Lamb Farm & Farm Stay
Guest Excursions

Valley View to Small Town Shopping

NOTE: This tour begins at Leaping Lamb Farm and Farm Stay in Alsea, OR

YOUR DAY: Marys Peak (view of the entire valley) Gathering Together Farms (yums) Oregon State University (driving tour) Downtown Corvallis (small town shopping)

*Does not include price of food or shopping .

Enjoy a scenic ride through the valley and on up to Mary's Peak where you can see the entire valley and take a short hike or just sit and breathe. From Mary's Peak we will venture down to Philomath where we will stop at a local farm and market, Gathering Together Farms. After grabbing some yums, we will head into Corvallis for a little jaunt through Oregon State University and into downtown Corvallis for a little small town shopping and resting by the river. All done, we head back through old, beautiful, farm roads. Sounds amazing huh? Not too fast, not too many people. Just exploring.

4-5 hours Up to 4 people $375

Valley Wine Tasting

NOTE: This tour begins at Leaping Lamb Farm and Farm Stay in Alsea, OR


Airlie Winery,  Cardwell Hills Cellars,  Lumos Wines, Harris Bridge Vineyard, all within a short, curvy drive from the farm.


Feel like going wine tasting but don't want to drive those roads? Let us do the driving for you. Driving through the valley out to a winery with a huge vineyard and pond, Airlie is just the place to go. Cardwell Hills and/ or Lumos is next up and then a high recommendation of visiting Harris Bridge Vineyard with Harris Covered Bridge and Mary's River right at the Vineyard. Want to take a walk in the water while sipping some wine? This is definitely the place. Need a picnic lunch or cheese and crackers along the way? We can provide that too!

4-5 hours , Up to 4 people - van transport $375


*Does not include wine tasting costs

Valley to Coast

NOTE: This tour begins at Leaping Lamb Farm and Farm Stay in Alsea, OR

Interested in spending the day at the coast? Several options for walking those empty beaches. When booking, we will go over a few options for the day, such as... want to spend the day combing the beach, shopping and/or exploring the Sea Lion Caves, Ripley's Believe It or Not OR visit the Aquarium? How about learning about the ocean at the Hatfield Visitor and Science Center (FREE!). So much to explore! Either way, we will do the driving while you can enjoy the day. No stress.

Newport,  Waldport, Depoe Bay,  4-5 hours, Up to 4 people $375

*Does not include admissions or any entrance fees

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