Excursions for private groups only (max 15 people).


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Plastic Separation

from Driver


Why is this safe with COVID?
*Our mini-bus normally holds 38 passengers, we will not go over 15
*Passenger seating is approx. 25' from the front of the bus and the driver
*The driver is on the other side of a plastic sheeting, separating driver from passenger
*Driver will have face mask and abide by the 6' at all times
*The bus is disinfected between each outing; seats, flooring, windows, tables, cup holders, table baskets, handles and so forth

What do you clean with?
We clean with bleach and water for flooring, Lysol for spraying fabrics and Lysol wipes for all other surfaces
Will you have hand sanitizer for us to use or do we need to bring your own?
Yes, as of now, we have liquid hand sanitizers and personal packets
You said we could order food?
YES! Please feel free to order food from your favorite restaurant (pay of course) and we will either pick it up prior to the trip or stop on our way out of town. PLEASE NOTE:  We do not charge for picking up your order, prior to departure - OUR TREAT! *Sorry, Corvallis only

Can we just bring our own food?
Absolutely. We bring up ordering food locally because we, as a company, are trying to support our local restaurants and small businesses. 
Will you have silverware or napkins for us?
Yes. We will have single serve silverware, napkins and cups - no plates. Once you open a private silverware, napkin or cup package, its yours to keep.
Can we have alcohol on the bus?
Yes, in the back of the bus only. There is a $100 cleaning fee that will be due at time of booking and refunded after the trip, if there are no accidents. As you know, alcohol stains and must be professionally removed.
Can we have a celebration, birthday or graduation party on the bus?
Yes. The space in the rear is yours. Decorate, bring balloons, play music. Everyone loves it! If the group is not an immediate household, please abide by the COVID-19 guidelines of masks.
Is my trip non-refundable?
Not refundable BUT you can reschedule