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Available Position:
Shuttle Bus Driver - Temporary/ Part-Time

July 15-24th / Other Part-time

Job Description:

Oregon Traveling Tours of Corvallis is searching for multiple lively and highly organized shuttle bus drivers to ensure the safe transport of our passengers. To this end, the shuttle bus driver will be required to follow a given schedule for the collection and drop-off points for each trip, and adhere to the vehicle's passenger limit. 

To be successful as a shuttle bus driver, you should demonstrate strict adherence to schedules and road legalities. Ultimately, an extraordinary shuttle bus driver will be able to follow directions, a schedule and be able to communicate.

Shuttle Bus Driver Responsibilities:

  • Arriving at collection points 15 minutes prior to departure times.

  • Confirming that all passengers are present, and recording no-shows.

  • Ensuring adherence to passenger limits

  • Use cell phone holder for showing road issues to avoid, when needed

  • Recording and reporting all major accidents and incidents to your supervisor.

  • Checking that passengers disembark at the correct destinations, and in a timely manner.

  • Ensuring that the shuttle bus is fueled, well-maintained, and presentable at all times.

  • Observing all relevant traffic and safety laws.

Shuttle Bus Driver Requirements:

  • Current and clean DMV printout, drivers license 

  • Previous experience driving groups of people preferred but not mandatory

  • Experience in driving 15 passenger vans preferred but not mandatory

  • Personal car insurance print out

  • Outstanding knowledge of rules of the road

  • First Aid training is preferred but not mandatory 

  • Excellent timing skills

  • Great improvisational skills

  • Amicable and optimistic disposition, with a touch of patience

  • Ability to work flexible hours a must

  • Ability to get in and out of the shuttle at each stop

  • MUST like people

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