Day Trip Q & A 

1. What is a Day Trip? Day Trips are outings that we are gone for several hours. Trips are anywhere from 3-10 hours depending on the location we are traveling to.

2. How do I purchase a set of Day Trips? On the Book Online page you will choose how many trips you would like to purchase and then register on the trips below it. You will be mailed a laminated Day Trip Travel Member punch card within a week of registering. If your trip is before you receive the card, your driver will have it at departure

3. Can anyone use my trip? You will receive a Day Trip Travel Member punch card that must be present at the time of boarding. You must call and give the person name that is using your card, otherwise it will not be valid. Ex: if you purchase 6 Day Trips and you have 5 other people with you, we will punch your card for the full six trips. You decide on how you want to spend your 6 trips. 

4. Can I cancel my trip? Once you register for a trip, you must cancel within 2 weeks of the trip. We have a limited amount of seating and we don't want anyone missing out. 

5. What if I just don't show up? Because of our cancellation policy, our system will show that you were registered and the next Day Trip will be punched according to records. We ask that you be honest and update us of any changes in your schedule.

6. What kind of vehicle will we be riding on? Ford F650 Shuttle Bus, 33 passenger load with tilt back chairs and over-head storage.

7. Can children take a trip? Depending on what Day Trip we are going on, YES! Please no children on 21+ trips such as winery tours.

8. Do you have a wheelchair lift? Unfortunately we do not. However, we do have room to store your wheelchair if you need to bring it. There are a few steps to reach the inside of the shuttle. We will accommodate as best as possible.

9. Is there a bathroom on the bus? There is no bathroom though we will be making stops for Day Trips that are more than an hour one way.

10. Are dogs allowed on the bus? Depending on the Day Trip that we are going on, dogs are always awesome to have. 

11. Do you have bike racks? No, sorry we do not. If we are not using the luggage storage in the rear of the bus, you are welcome to bring your bike if the Day Trip calls for an opportunity. Please confirm with us first. 

12. Is there any room on the bus for my things? Yes, there is above the head storage and luggage storage in the rear of the bus.

13. Can I drink on the bus? No, sorry. No open alcohol on the bus. If the Day Trip is a drinking one, we may ask for your Valid State ID. NOTE: THERE IS A $300 CLEANING FEE FOR BODILY FLUID

14. How early should I be at the Departure location? We ask that you be a minimum of 15 minutes early. The shuttle will not wait more than 10 minutes after Departure time.

15. What if I need help or have an emergency while on a Day Trip? A Emergency Contact sheet will be mailed with your Day Trip Travel Member card. We ask that you return it to us prior to departing. Your driver name and number is printed on your card. 

16. Can I eat on the bus? Yes, but we ask that you clean up after yourself and if there is a spill, you let us know so we can clean it. Trash can at the front of the bus. 

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